Put Up or Shut Up! – The REVIVE 2.0 Project in BHAM

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the REVIVE 2.0 + STREET TEAM Launch Party at the Stockyard adjacent to Railroad Park alongside other community advocates, revivalists, and yay-sayers. The common trait shared among all of the attendees is an audacious belief in the infinite potential for Birmingham and a willingness to put in the vital work to make it happen for all of its citizens. Currently, the REVIVE 2.0 + STREET TEAM Project is seeking activists, advocates, business owners, creatives, and jack-of-all trades that are excited to assist with various projects in the Magic City revitalization movement for an entire year. The ongoing efforts will focus on neighborhoods in Ensley, Downtown, and East Lake.


Birmingham Dream Train from various citizens at the Revive 2.0 + Street Team Launch Party! via Instagram @aerialjane

According to REV Birmingham‘s website, ” REV is a private-public partnership that was formed in 2012 by the strategic union of Operation New Birmingham and Main Street Birmingham to revitalize places and energize business to create vibrancy in the City of Birmingham. REV is an economic development organization that stimulates business growth and improves quality of life in Birmingham’s City Center and its Neighborhood Commercial Centers.” Check out the diverse work of REV Birmingham (REV) in detail by visiting revbirmingham.org.

The REVIVE 2.0 Project is an opportunity to be a key player in “something special” for the Magic City. Today, I challenge anyone reading this to put up or shut up! Join the REVIVE 2.0 + STREET TEAM Project or another community effort that strives to build up the greater Birmingham, Alabama area by way of strategic partnerships and collective impact between all of its citizens.


What is your dream for the Magic City?” via Instagram @aerialjane

Photo via Instagram @aerialjane

“#ReviveOn” via Instagram @aerialjane

Join us and ‪#‎ReviveOn‬ for Birmingham through the REVIVE 2.0 efforts! Visit revbirmingham.org for more information and email the REV team at volunteer@revbirmingham.org for a shot at a spot on the REV 2015 STREET TEAM.

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2 thoughts on “Put Up or Shut Up! – The REVIVE 2.0 Project in BHAM

  1. Nadine says:

    I love everything that Rev stands for. Birmingham is such a great city, and the people helping to make these areas even greater is such a special thing! Thanks for sharing this!


    • eat.drink.savor.life says:

      You are certainly welcome! I agree with you and plan to continue to spread the word about the great efforts of REV and other community stakeholders. It fires up my desire to serve and warms my ❤ when others do the same!


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