Did You Say Free Donuts? – 3 Sweet Deals on National Donut Day

assorted donuts

If you didn’t know, June, 3, 2017 is National Donut Day! The day full of sweet deals that include free donuts at participating shops and retailers. In 1938, National Donut Day was instituted to commemorate Salvation Army workers who surprised soldiers with donut deliveries. Currently, this tradition is honored by a variety of national freebies and often benefit charitable organizations. Check out the participating places where you can have your sweet tooth satisfied!

Dunkin Donuts

  • The shop is offering one free donut for every drink purchased by customers. The promo is available at all Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants (nation and worldwide).

Krispy Kreme

  • The chain is giving out one free powdered, filled, or hot original glazed donut to each customer at all locations in the U.S. The promotion does not require a purchase.

Shipley Donuts

  • Each customer can have a free donut. In addition, a charitable donation will be given to the Salvation Army for each free or purchased donut. Free donuts will be available from 5 am to 12 pm.

Cupcakes for a Cause Campaign


The Fresh Market supports No Kid Hungry this September to fight childhood hunger in U.S.
Specialty grocer hosts fourth annual Cupcakes for a Cause campaign during National Hunger Awareness Month. This September, The Fresh Market will continue its national partnership with No Kid Hungry® during the fourth annual Cupcakes for a Cause campaign. The event will raise funds and awareness for No Kid Hungry, the campaign from the nonprofit Share Our Strength dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America by connecting children to healthy food where they live, learn and play.

In support of making no kid hungry a reality, The Fresh Market will host its Cupcakes for a Cause campaign from August 31 through September 20. The Fresh Market guests can support the fight against childhood hunger by purchasing paper cupcakes at store checkout counters for as little as $1, which connects a child to 10 healthy meals through No Kid Hungry’s programs and partnerships. One hundred percent of the paper cupcake dollar donations will benefit the cause.

Beginning Wednesday, September 14 through Tuesday, September 20, The Fresh Market stores will also host an in-store Cupcake Bakery Sale to benefit No Kid Hungry. Guests may purchase a single gourmet cupcake or a four-pack of cupcakes found in the store’s bakery. The Fresh Market will donate $1 from each gourmet cupcake purchase and $2 from each four-pack cupcake purchase to No Kid Hungry. With the support of our customers, The Fresh Market has committed to contribute a minimum of $150,000 to No Kid Hungry during its Cupcakes for a Cause campaign this year. To date, the company has raised over $1 million to support the campaign’s effort to connect children in need with nutritious food, while teaching their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

Visit www.thefreshmarket.com/your-market/store-locator to find a local location.

Flip Flops and Smoothies for a Cause on June 17th

Flip Flops and Smoothies for a Cause

Are you looking for a way to kickstart the upcoming summer season and contribute to a great cause? You are in luck because Tropical Smoothie Cafe is hosting its 10th Anniversary of National Flip Flop Day, June 17th. The company will also run a charitable campaign benefitting  Camp Sunshine from June 17–31, 2016. Camp Sunshine is a Maine-based organization devoted to providing an enriching and fun camp experience to children with life threatening illnesses and their families, completely free of charge. Tropical Smoothie Café started its annual National Flip Flop Day to solely support Camp Sunshine.

On June 17th, locations across the country will offer a free 24 oz. Jetty Punch smoothie (its signature strawberry and banana smoothie) to any guest visiting a café location while wearing flip flops between 2:00PM-7:00PM. During this one day, Tropical Smoothie Café will give away over 250,000 bananas and 63,000 pounds of strawberries. In addition, the company will give patrons an opportunity to donate to its annual campaign for Camp Sunshine and nominate eligible families to attend Camp Sunshine.

Jennie Hong, Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy for Tropical Smoothie Café says National Flip Flop Day is the single most important day of the year to the company. “We’ve seen first-hand how much Camp Sunshine means to the kids and families who attend, and we want to provide that opportunity to as many people as possible,” Hong continued. The average cost to send a family to a one-week camp is $2500. The camp has provided free services to 47,000 families since 2006.

How To Support Camp Sunshine

  • Drop by for a Jetty Punch smoothie free of charge and also make a charitable donation to the campaign in your local area. The are two locations in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, area including 3049 John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover and 1350 Inverness Corner South in Birmingham.
  • Donate $1–$4 for paper flip flops (A paper flip flop sign that will hang in the restaurant, and can be customized with guests’ names.)
  • $5 key fobs (provides 30% off Feel Goodz flip flops through an annual Flip Flop Key discount code to be used at feelgoodz.com – an all-natural flip flop company that is partnering with Tropical Smoothie Café for 2016.)
  • $10 Tropical Smoothie Café National Flip Flop Day Mugs (A limited-edition re-usable mug, featuring artwork designed by a previous Camp Sunshine camper.)

New Beginnings: 3 Essential Principles for Bloggers Looking for Full-Time Editorial Positions

Writing, Blogging, Writer, Career

Hello and happy 2016! It has been six months since I posted on Eat Drink Savor Life! This period of silence has been necessary due to many big changes in my life. My affinity for words and love affair with blogging directly led to a new full-time career in the wonderful world of magazine publishing. Many months ago, I started working in an editorial role at a media company. It is strange and insanely rewarding to share that my passion for writing and social media helped me to land a role position at two major national food magazines. Honestly, I love the creative work I do every single day with an amazing team of supportive people. It is a continual challenge and an endless learning experience. This post is dedicated to anyone interested in turning side projects into a full-time role.

3 Essential Principles for Bloggers Looking for Full-Time Editorial Positions

  1. Never Give Up – It is so easy to say that I cannot or I am not worthy rather than encouraging yourself to strive past where you presently are in life. Things get tough but you must have the courage to move forward. It is a delicate dance to balance personal struggles and a hunger for positive change.  Despite the weight, it is important to never give up! Sometimes you just have to find alternative routes that differ from your original plan. It is okay to change the road plan if it gets you to the correct place.
  2. Never Become Complacent – There were many times I simply thought writing and working in the media field would be nothing more than a dream. I have a political science degree, spent a bit of time in law school, and primarily worked in the education and nonprofit sector. I never worked in media. Blogging was the only thing on my application that came close to it. You can imagine I believed landing a full-time editorial job at national food publication seemed like a long shot. I figured I would simply blog on the side to fulfill my passion for writing. Thankfully, I kept the door open for opportunity by staying encouraged and connected to people in the writing industry.
  3. Keep Growing – This is another important area many people forget about if they are stuck with self-doubt. Over the last three years, I learned about a variety of things on my own time and dime. I spent my money and time to grow my skill set to learn about improving my writing, operating WordPress, basic coding, understanding SEO, managing business social media accounts, attending workshops and conferences focused on skill development, and so much more. This is the best advice I received in recent years. It came from a phenomenal woman who is a breathing testament to the importance of investing in yourself – Javacia Harris Bowser of See Jane Write. Thank you, Javacia, if you happen to read this post. You should check out the See Jane Write website for helpful advice about blogging, business, and learn about the benefits of becoming a member.

All of this growth and self-investment directly led to my current role and I am thankful to God for this blessing. Blogging and the skills I acquired from investing in myself are a huge part of why my current company hired me. Please choose to invest in yourself because it will make a huge difference! This message is not a farewell. It is acknowledgment of a period of time where I had to take a break from my beloved website to fully submerge myself in a new role and to return better than ever to Eat Drink Savor Life! Here’s to the future!

Until the Next Post,


Get Out of Your Own Way!


Horizons, Self Growth

“The giver is greater than the gift. What does it mean? It only means that what we gain is nothing, it is what we give that counts. It is nothing — what has been done to us — if only we did all we wished to do, that is what counts. Either learning or wisdom, position or power or wealth, all these things gained are very small compared with what one can give to the others.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

I am the first to admit that I am often my own worst critic. One of the hardest truths that I’ve had to face as I near the age of 30 is that we are often our own worst enemy. Not some ominous and scary force that lurks in the shadows and conspires to knock each of us over when we least expect it. More often than not each of us does a great job of cutting ourselves down before anyone else even gets the opportunity to do it.

I challenge you to become your own number one cheerleader while serving as a faithful servant to your community and personal tribe as well. It is important to get to a point where you are self-aware, self-confident, and gutsy enough to take risks to fulfill the hopes and dreams that you’ve carried deep inside. No one will come along and make this happen for you. You have to chase it like there is really no tomorrow. The funny thing about people who sit back in complacency is that they complain about what is not going right without making proactive choices to change things. The ritual itself is counterproductive and a waste of energy for those who engage in it.

5 Simple Guidelines to Get Out of Your Own Way

  • Stop Undervaluing Yourself
  • Follow Your Passion Intentionally
  • Have a Plan and Be Flexible
  • Give Support to Your Community
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You can either dictate your own destiny by intentionally making choices that continue to lead you to your goals and dreams or you can passively let others dictate your path for you while utilizing your God given gifts to build their dreams. The choice is up to you. Don’t you dare complain for another wasted second. Capitalize on the moment to put your time, energy, and passion into something (whatever positive thing it may be) that propels you one step closer to your dreams. Bring your passion along with you regardless of where your life and career path may take you. You never know what door might open just by getting out of own damn way! What you stand to offer and give to the others by following your passion may pale in comparison to letting your fear of failure stop you before you start. In short, I challenge you to get out of your own way and make things happen.

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Recap of the 2015 Inaugural Sloss Music and Arts Festival

Sloss Music and Arts Festival (aka Slossfest) was held July 18-19, 2015 at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama at the height of the summer’s sweltering heat! Despite the heat, Slossfest proved to be an awesome and unforgettable event. It was a two day event that spotlighted everything from great music, art, food, drink, and the Birmingham area in a way that I never thought I would see! It featured 30 plus artists including: Primus,Tyler the Creator, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, Band of Horses, Cage The Elephant, Young the Giant, Lord Huron, Manchester Orchestra, Sturgill Simpson, The New Pornographers, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Kaleo, LANY, T. Hardy Morris, Muddy Magnolias, and many more!


Day I of Slossfest

Aside from the great music, I enjoyed sampling the great craft beer from Alabama in the various bar areas at Slossfest. The Starr Hill All Access Area was by far my favorite and featured the Siren of Sloss Summer Pale Ale collaboration beer with Trim Tab Brewing along with their Belgian Witbier with Cherries, Soul Shine Summer Pale Ale, Reviver Red IPA, Keller Czech Pils, and Jomo Vienna-Style Lager. The Siren of Sloss Summer Pale Ale was something special and tasted like a refreshing and crisp IPA disguised as a pale ale! Cathead Distillery of Mississippi also hosted a cocktail lounge that featured mixed drinks. Piggly Wiggly hosted the Craftly Beerly Garden that featured the following Alabama breweries: Trim Tab, Druid City, Cheaha, Old Black Bear, and Singin River.


Siren of Sloss Summer Pale Ale

The food selection was also pretty impressive and included Jim ‘N Nick’s, Cantina on Wheels, Philly Connection, Shindigs Catering, Jalapeno Corndog, Repicci’s Italian Ice, Flaming Wok, Mexi Grill, Choice Burger, Phat Daddy’s, Sprout & Pour, and Efe’s. I enjoyed the insanely delicious Phat Daddy’s alligator tenders and hushpuppies and a solid Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich by Philly Connection while I was at the fest.


Phat Daddy’s alligator tenders and hushpuppies


The fountains of Sloss Furnaces


The New Pornographers


The Blast Stage and Sloss at sunset

In addition, the Sloss Metal Arts Program hosted Hands-On Iron Pouring demonstrations for attendees and allowed them to buy one-of-a-kind iron souvenirs from the demos. Various art vendors and local mixed media artists (Yellowhammer Creative, art by Kunkle, Anne Coneway, Feather wild, etc.) had booths where patrons could purchase unique art pieces. Patrons stayed hydrated by MailChimp’s  convenient and free water filling stations on-site, Alabama Power offered free charging stations, and Yelp had a great water misting tent to cool down from the festival’s crazy heat during the day! Overall, Slossfest was a special moment for Birmingham and I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival despite the crazy heat of this year’s fest!


Day II of Slossfest

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P.S. Who was your favorite artist of this year’s Slossfest or favorite memory?

Underdogs Above Ground: An Examination of Secret Stages – History, Mission, and Aspirations for the Future

What is it about going an impromptu road trip that excites each of us deep within the depths of our spirit? Maybe it’s the open road? Or maybe it’s the endless possibility and adventure that lies ahead? Much like a frenetic and exhilarating unplanned road-trip, Birmingham’s own Secret Stages music festival is that place of excitement that we often get within our spirit after seeing uncharted roads and attractions for the first time. Only Secret Stages is a purveyor of amazing music.

Secret Stages is a unique annual two-day walking music festival founded in 2011 that is hosted in downtown Birmingham, Alabama every first weekend of August over a two block area near local restaurants, bars, shops, and parks. Festival attendees embark a musical discovery journey that includes over 60 up-and-coming bands and artists from various genres of music gracing the stages of local Birmingham spots. In a two day span, your subject to hearing everything from acoustic, alternative country, alt rock, Americana, blues, folk, folk rock, funk, hip hop, indie, jazz, metal, pop, punk, rock, singer/songwriter, southern rock, and so much more.

Secret Stages is hands down one of the must-see events in the Southeastern region of the country that every music enthusiast should make plans to attend. This year’s line-up is comprised of artists from all across the nation from various genres of music! Past artists include the following: St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Shovels & Rope, G-Side, Robert Ellis, Jacuzzi Boys, Banditos, Fly Golden Eagle, Lambchop, Hiss Golden Messenger, Futurebirds, Belle Adair, Barton Carroll, Pujol, Ponychase, Shonna Tucker and Ear Candy and many more.

Check out my Q & A Interview with Sam George, one of the creative forces behind Secret Stages below:


Q & A interview with Sam George of Secret Stages

How did Secret Stages begin? What inspired the conception of it? Did any other festivals or creative events influence the founding of Secret Stages?

  • We formed Secret Stages in the wake of the collapse of City Stages. We felt that City Stages had become bloated and unrepresentative of the spirit of Birmingham in it’s waning years, and that a fest that focused more on up and coming artists, while showcasing many of the great venues that already exist here would be a better fit.

How do you personally define the mission of Secret Stages?

  • For me, Secret Stages is about spreading the particular joy of finding your new favorite band, and of getting to see that band in an intimate setting before they break out and start playing the larger venues in town to hundreds or thousands of people.

Do you feel like Secret Stages has done a great job of exposing people in the Greater Birmingham area and beyond to quality artists on the rise?

  • I certainly do! Every year there have been artists that we’ve booked that have gone on to acclaim. Dawes, Shovels and Rope, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Hiss Golden Messenger and more!

What has been the most challenging thing that the Secret Stages team has faced as a creative unit and has it grown as a result?

  • The most challenging thing has to been to get people to come out for an event featuring artists they don’t know. People are accustomed to paying for festivals where they already know and love the artists, but as we’ve built a reputation for bringing quality up-and-comers to Birmingham, people have begun to trust that he you come to Secret Stages, you’re going to see amazing stuff, even if you’ve never heard of it before.

Do you feel that people are very familiar with Secret Stages at this point – five years after its founding?

  • We definitely have a following, but because of the nature of our lineup, there’s always more work to be done spreading the word!

What audience do you generally appeal to and who’s been the number one supporter of Secret Stages since day one?

  • That’s one of the great things about our fest, it appeals to such a wide variety of music -lovers. We have so many genre’s, from metal to jazz, from electronic to hip-hop. If you like any kind music, there will be something awesome for you to discover at our fest.

What is Secret Stages ultimate aspiration for the future?

  • We’d like to grow slowly out from our center. Though our lineup is huge, we only bring a fraction of the amazing talent available to us. As interest in exploring new music increases, we’d like to continue to expand what we have on offer.

Who’s your favorite artist in the 2015 Secret Stages line-up and why?

  • Hehe, unfair! So many! I’m a big fan of Landlady from Brooklyn, catchy yet complex art-rock.

Where do you see Secret Stages in the next five years?

  • Still doing our thing. Happier, wiser, older.

How can people get involved, support, or sponsor the efforts of Secret Stages?

Until the Next Post,
Note: All of the images used in this feature story belong to Secret Stages.


Wanderlust in Bham: 7/21/15-8/4/15 Edition

This week’s Weekly Wanderlust in Bham spotlights a multitude of events that offers an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community, support a local cause or business, engage with the fabulous citizens of our city, or enjoy an evening of fun. The Weekly Wanderlust in Bham feature is dedicated to sharing information about exciting, creative, and innovative happenings in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama community. This week, I am featuring the following events:

  • The See Jane Write Bloganista Mixer presented by Collage Designer Consignment – 7/23/15
  • SNL’s Sasheer Zamata with Special Guest Liza Treyer – 7/27/15
  • Secret Stages 2015 – 7/31/15-8/1/15
  • The 2015 See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con – 8/1/15
  • SchaefferCityFest – 8/1/15

The Bloganista Mixer presented by Collage Designer Consignment – 7/23/15

Are you interested in meeting Birmingham area bloggers and writers or thinking about attending the See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con? Join local bloggers, writers, and some of the See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con conference speakers at the Bloganista Mixer presented by Collage Designer Consignment. It will be a fashionable evening of mixing, mingling, shopping, and delectable hors d’oeuvres. The event is free event but registration is required. Register at bloganistamixer2015.eventbrite.com

SNL’s Sasheer Zamata with Special Guest Liza Treyer – 7/27/15

Birmingham area Goulash Comedy Presents Sasheer Zamata Whiskey on the Rock Tour at The Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham, AL on Monday, July 27th, 2015 for a special evening of comedy with special guest, Liza Treygor! Sasheer is currently featured in the Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast. Sasheer Zamata is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Drama and started her career in New York’s improv and sketch Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She is also the creative force behind highly praised web series “Pursuit of Sexiness”.  This will be an intimate show with limited tickets available. Tickets can be ordered at https://www.facebook.com/TheSyndicateLoungeBham/app_154926464573917

 Secret Stages – 7/31/15 – 8/1/15


Secret Stages is a unique annual two-day walking music festival that is hosted in downtown Birmingham, Alabama every first weekend of August over a two-block area near local restaurants, bars, shops, and parks.  Festival attendees embark a musical discovery journey that includes over 60 up-and-coming bands and artists from various genres of music (including everything from acoustic, alt. country, alt rock, Americana, blues, folk, folk rock, funk, hip hop, indie, jazz, metal, pop, punk, rock, singer/songwriter, southern rock, and much more) gracing the stages of local Birmingham spots. Secret Stage is must see event that every music enthusiast should make plans to attend. This year’s line-up is comprised of artists from all across the nation, southern region, and within Alabama! Past artists who have graced the stage at the event include the following: St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Shovels & Rope, G-Side, Robert Ellis, Jacuzzi Boys, Banditos, Fly Golden Eagle, Lambchop, Hiss Golden Messenger, Futurebirds, Belle Adair, Barton Carroll, Pujol, Ponychase, Shonna Tucker and Ear Candy and many more. Visit http://www.secretstages.net  for more information and http://www.secretstages.net/tickets/ to purchase advance tickets.

  • When: Friday, July 31 at 3 PM – Saturday, August 1 at 11:45 PM
  • Where: Morris Ave., 1st and 2nd Ave. North, between 22nd and 24th St., Birmingham, Alabama 35203
  • Cost: VIP Passes are $50 in advance ($75 at event gates) and Weekend Passes are $25 in advance ($35 at event gates). Tickets will be available for pick up at the festival Will Call starting Friday, July 31st.
  • Website: www.secretstages.net/tickets

The 2015 Bloganista Mini-Con – 8/1/15

Are you a blogger, writer or simply an aspiring one? Make plans to join the women of See Jane Write for the 2nd Annual Bloganista Mini-Con presented by Laura Vincent Printing & Design. The one-day blogging conference is billed as a game changer for any writer looking to start a blog, grow their audience, launch a writing business, or learn more about blogging. This year’s conference will cover the following topics:
  1. How to build a better blog
  2. How to increase your blog traffic
  3. How to turn your blog into a business
  4. How to create and promote your personal brand
  5. How to best use social media to promote your blog and your brand
  6. How to write for your favorite magazine
  7. How to get featured in your favorite magazine
  8. How to start a magazine of your own
  9. How to handle the not-so-glamourous side of fashion blogging

Each tickets covers breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon sweet treat! The event will feature coffee from Church Street Coffee and Books, free chair massages by LightWorks Chair Massage, Insomnia Cookies, Full Moon Bar-B-Que, and an opportunity to talk with panelists and speakers. Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

Order tickets online at www.eventbrite.com/e/the-bloganista-mini-con-presented-by-laura-vincent-printing-design-tickets-17350767613

SchaefferCityFest – 8/1/15


The Schaeffer Eye Center CityFest returns this year on Saturday, August 1 at Railroad Park and features an eclectic music lineup including the Grammy Award winning hip hop band, The Roots, hip hop artist, actor, and poet, Common, and Alabama’s own, Taylor Hicks, will return to perform that evening. The Schaeffer Eye Center CityFest is presented with  Birmingham Mayor, William Bell, and the Birmingham City Council. The free event will begin at 3 p.m. and features local music, food trucks, an AlaBev Beer Garden, cultural, art and family activities. Visit www.schaeffercityfest.com for more details.

  • When: Saturday, August 1 from 3 PM until the close of the event
  • Where: 1600 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Cost: Free
  • Website: www.schaeffercityfest.com

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Intention: Do No Harm But Take No Crap!


Self Respect

“Do no harm but take no crap.” I’m not sure where I saw this quote a few months ago but it has become one of my daily mantras. You could say that I have internalized this phrase in my heart and spirit. I have discovered with time my values, perspective, and priorities have changed. These changes have impacted me in ways that I could never foresee. Over time, I have discovered that many people are put off by my newly discovered ability to say no. It is laughable but I realize that many people have an issue with assertive women. It’s crazy to think that in 2015 many women are silenced or shamed into being the polite girl even when that means subjecting their selves to disrespect from colleagues or subpar treatment from total strangers. However, I believe that a little cheeky flare and personality are essential for any self-respecting woman to thrive and grow. This is essential to love yourself and for others to see you in a honest light.

Kara Andersen explores this very subject in her essay, “Why I’m Done Being a ‘Nice Girl’” and discussed how the fundamental principle of niceness is counterproductive to women who seek personal, professional, and emotional growth. Anderson’s essay outlines a number of anti-nice-girl resolutions which include:

  • I won’t be caught in any relationship — friendly, romantic, or professional — that is a waste of time.
  • I won’t take the easy way out of any social situation.
  • I will not rush to use up less time and space.
  • I will not wait for anything or anyone.
  • I will not use words like “I’m sorry” to soften a harsh conversation or fill an uncomfortable silence.
  • I will not keep my head down in a conversation when something I want is at stake.

I’m not saying that you should eschew being a nice person. However, I believe that you have to  evaluate what is best for you, what you are capable of doing with your time and energy, and make a conscious decision to devote your time and personal capital into people, causes, habits, and choices that make you happy. Aligning yourself with anti-nice-girl resolutions does not mean you are a bad person or that you will harm others. It is simply operating with an essentialist’s framework and mindset to maximize your contribution to personal and professional undertakings, personal happiness, and your own sanity.  Over the last several months, I have had my share of challenging experiences. I nearly lost my father during the thanksgiving holiday after he was placed on life support, lost my grandfather at the beginning of the new year, distanced myself from old friends that welded a negative influence over me, and humbly learned the necessity of saying no to a lot of requests despite my desire to help. It is so easy for each of us (regardless of sex, gender, etc.) to overextend ourselves, time, or resources because we feel obligated or guilty if we dare to say no.

This shifting perspective has helped me to become more focused on nurturing myself, being present more with my family and friends, balance community service endeavors that are close to my heart, and set my goals more intentionally. Nothing is happenstance. It is all about how you choose to handle and balance things. In my opinion, there is an innate beauty in practicing the art of balance, learning to say no, letting go of past mistakes and the fear of the future’s uncertainty. Intention, self-preservation, and love are three things that many people neglect as a result of “busyiness”, obligation, and distraction. Don’t let the background noise and chatter distract you from the purpose, passion, and essential components of your life! Strive to put out positive vibes in the world and recognize that you don’t have to subject yourself to crap and that it is OK to say no. Rise above it all and move forward in the most passionate and brazen fashion that you are capable of achieving with an intentional objective in mind!

Until the Next Post,


Help REVIVE East Lake this Weekend at Cleanup Day!

REV 2.00

Come out to support the efforts of REV Birmingham this weekend by volunteering your time and muscle at the East Lake Cleanup Day this Saturday!  The REV Street Team needs passionate people like you to help with the Magic City Revitalization movement! Join us Saturday, May 30th from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. to clean, paint, and transform a space in the East Lake area!

REVIVE volunteers will meet bright and early at the East 59 Vintage and Café (located at 7619 1st Avenue North) at 8 a.m. to kick off this effort!  Send an email to Donnell Cole-Price at DCole@REVBirmingham.org to sign up and visit revbirmingham.org for more information. Hopefully, I’ll see you Saturday!

Until the Next Post,