What Exactly is Eat Drink Savor Life?

Hello there! You may find yourself wondering, “What exactly is Eat Drink Savor Life?” In a nutshell, it is an exploration of all of the elements that I think make life worth living. In addition, it is a virtual love note to the people, places, food, drinks, and experiences that I love and care about the most. In the past, I formerly maintained a blog via blogger. However, I decided to shut down my previous blog and made the conversion to WordPress.

Eat Drink Savor Life is a blog that I will use to share my musings and experiences on everything from food, libations, music, art, culture, family, community, and savoring each experience that life affords me while I am working to positively impact my greater community through service and local support. To find out more about me check out my About page http://www.eatdrinksavorlife.wordpress.com/about

Overall, this blog is dedicated to all things creative, delicious, and delightful in my local community in Birmingham, Alabama and anywhere the wind blows me. Hopefully, you make the decision to journey with me through reading, engaging, and following Eat, Drink, Savor Life.

Janece aka AerialJane


By the way, like my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/eatdrinksavorlife to stay in the loop about my eating, drinking, and savory adventures!

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