Get Out of Your Own Way!


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“The giver is greater than the gift. What does it mean? It only means that what we gain is nothing, it is what we give that counts. It is nothing — what has been done to us — if only we did all we wished to do, that is what counts. Either learning or wisdom, position or power or wealth, all these things gained are very small compared with what one can give to the others.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

I am the first to admit that I am often my own worst critic. One of the hardest truths that I’ve had to face as I near the age of 30 is that we are often our own worst enemy. Not some ominous and scary force that lurks in the shadows and conspires to knock each of us over when we least expect it. More often than not each of us does a great job of cutting ourselves down before anyone else even gets the opportunity to do it.

I challenge you to become your own number one cheerleader while serving as a faithful servant to your community and personal tribe as well. It is important to get to a point where you are self-aware, self-confident, and gutsy enough to take risks to fulfill the hopes and dreams that you’ve carried deep inside. No one will come along and make this happen for you. You have to chase it like there is really no tomorrow. The funny thing about people who sit back in complacency is that they complain about what is not going right without making proactive choices to change things. The ritual itself is counterproductive and a waste of energy for those who engage in it.

5 Simple Guidelines to Get Out of Your Own Way

  • Stop Undervaluing Yourself
  • Follow Your Passion Intentionally
  • Have a Plan and Be Flexible
  • Give Support to Your Community
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You can either dictate your own destiny by intentionally making choices that continue to lead you to your goals and dreams or you can passively let others dictate your path for you while utilizing your God given gifts to build their dreams. The choice is up to you. Don’t you dare complain for another wasted second. Capitalize on the moment to put your time, energy, and passion into something (whatever positive thing it may be) that propels you one step closer to your dreams. Bring your passion along with you regardless of where your life and career path may take you. You never know what door might open just by getting out of own damn way! What you stand to offer and give to the others by following your passion may pale in comparison to letting your fear of failure stop you before you start. In short, I challenge you to get out of your own way and make things happen.

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Intention: Do No Harm But Take No Crap!


Self Respect

“Do no harm but take no crap.” I’m not sure where I saw this quote a few months ago but it has become one of my daily mantras. You could say that I have internalized this phrase in my heart and spirit. I have discovered with time my values, perspective, and priorities have changed. These changes have impacted me in ways that I could never foresee. Over time, I have discovered that many people are put off by my newly discovered ability to say no. It is laughable but I realize that many people have an issue with assertive women. It’s crazy to think that in 2015 many women are silenced or shamed into being the polite girl even when that means subjecting their selves to disrespect from colleagues or subpar treatment from total strangers. However, I believe that a little cheeky flare and personality are essential for any self-respecting woman to thrive and grow. This is essential to love yourself and for others to see you in a honest light.

Kara Andersen explores this very subject in her essay, “Why I’m Done Being a ‘Nice Girl’” and discussed how the fundamental principle of niceness is counterproductive to women who seek personal, professional, and emotional growth. Anderson’s essay outlines a number of anti-nice-girl resolutions which include:

  • I won’t be caught in any relationship — friendly, romantic, or professional — that is a waste of time.
  • I won’t take the easy way out of any social situation.
  • I will not rush to use up less time and space.
  • I will not wait for anything or anyone.
  • I will not use words like “I’m sorry” to soften a harsh conversation or fill an uncomfortable silence.
  • I will not keep my head down in a conversation when something I want is at stake.

I’m not saying that you should eschew being a nice person. However, I believe that you have to  evaluate what is best for you, what you are capable of doing with your time and energy, and make a conscious decision to devote your time and personal capital into people, causes, habits, and choices that make you happy. Aligning yourself with anti-nice-girl resolutions does not mean you are a bad person or that you will harm others. It is simply operating with an essentialist’s framework and mindset to maximize your contribution to personal and professional undertakings, personal happiness, and your own sanity.  Over the last several months, I have had my share of challenging experiences. I nearly lost my father during the thanksgiving holiday after he was placed on life support, lost my grandfather at the beginning of the new year, distanced myself from old friends that welded a negative influence over me, and humbly learned the necessity of saying no to a lot of requests despite my desire to help. It is so easy for each of us (regardless of sex, gender, etc.) to overextend ourselves, time, or resources because we feel obligated or guilty if we dare to say no.

This shifting perspective has helped me to become more focused on nurturing myself, being present more with my family and friends, balance community service endeavors that are close to my heart, and set my goals more intentionally. Nothing is happenstance. It is all about how you choose to handle and balance things. In my opinion, there is an innate beauty in practicing the art of balance, learning to say no, letting go of past mistakes and the fear of the future’s uncertainty. Intention, self-preservation, and love are three things that many people neglect as a result of “busyiness”, obligation, and distraction. Don’t let the background noise and chatter distract you from the purpose, passion, and essential components of your life! Strive to put out positive vibes in the world and recognize that you don’t have to subject yourself to crap and that it is OK to say no. Rise above it all and move forward in the most passionate and brazen fashion that you are capable of achieving with an intentional objective in mind!

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