New Beginnings: 3 Essential Principles for Bloggers Looking for Full-Time Editorial Positions

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Hello and happy 2016! It has been six months since I posted on Eat Drink Savor Life! This period of silence has been necessary due to many big changes in my life. My affinity for words and love affair with blogging directly led to a new full-time career in the wonderful world of magazine publishing. Many months ago, I started working in an editorial role at a media company. It is strange and insanely rewarding to share that my passion for writing and social media helped me to land a role position at two major national food magazines. Honestly, I love the creative work I do every single day with an amazing team of supportive people. It is a continual challenge and an endless learning experience. This post is dedicated to anyone interested in turning side projects into a full-time role.

3 Essential Principles for Bloggers Looking for Full-Time Editorial Positions

  1. Never Give Up – It is so easy to say that I cannot or I am not worthy rather than encouraging yourself to strive past where you presently are in life. Things get tough but you must have the courage to move forward. It is a delicate dance to balance personal struggles and a hunger for positive change.  Despite the weight, it is important to never give up! Sometimes you just have to find alternative routes that differ from your original plan. It is okay to change the road plan if it gets you to the correct place.
  2. Never Become Complacent – There were many times I simply thought writing and working in the media field would be nothing more than a dream. I have a political science degree, spent a bit of time in law school, and primarily worked in the education and nonprofit sector. I never worked in media. Blogging was the only thing on my application that came close to it. You can imagine I believed landing a full-time editorial job at national food publication seemed like a long shot. I figured I would simply blog on the side to fulfill my passion for writing. Thankfully, I kept the door open for opportunity by staying encouraged and connected to people in the writing industry.
  3. Keep Growing – This is another important area many people forget about if they are stuck with self-doubt. Over the last three years, I learned about a variety of things on my own time and dime. I spent my money and time to grow my skill set to learn about improving my writing, operating WordPress, basic coding, understanding SEO, managing business social media accounts, attending workshops and conferences focused on skill development, and so much more. This is the best advice I received in recent years. It came from a phenomenal woman who is a breathing testament to the importance of investing in yourself – Javacia Harris Bowser of See Jane Write. Thank you, Javacia, if you happen to read this post. You should check out the See Jane Write website for helpful advice about blogging, business, and learn about the benefits of becoming a member.

All of this growth and self-investment directly led to my current role and I am thankful to God for this blessing. Blogging and the skills I acquired from investing in myself are a huge part of why my current company hired me. Please choose to invest in yourself because it will make a huge difference! This message is not a farewell. It is acknowledgment of a period of time where I had to take a break from my beloved website to fully submerge myself in a new role and to return better than ever to Eat Drink Savor Life! Here’s to the future!

Until the Next Post,