Blog Like Crazy 2016!

Blog Like Crazy

It’s amazing looking back on how far I’ve come in two year as a writer, woman, human being, etc. I know these days my blog  looks a bit lonely and neglected. However, I can assure anyone reading this entry, I create almost every single day.

Javacia Harris Bowser, founder and editor of See Jane Write, changed my life and perspective about writing in October 2014.  Eat Drink Savor Life launched after attending a workshop hosted by Javacia.  After attending the event, I participated in the 30 day Blog Like Crazy challenge.  This eventually gave me the confidence to share my musings on everything from challenging personal experiences to where you should have dinner tonight in your local city. The challenge reawakened my love for writing, sharing, and growing as a creative being. It challenged me to broaden and develop my skill set as a writer and tech savvy woman in that short time frame.

I always felt intimidated by just the thought of sharing my writing with the world. Participating in Blog Like Crazy helped me to get over my crippling fear of sharing in a public forum.

In less than a year, I transitioned from working full-time in project management in the higher education field to a rising career path in the media and publishing industry. Many people questioned whether it was a smart move changing my professional field in my late 20s. Despite the naysayers, I decided to go with my gut instinct and chased my passion.

Fast forward to November 1, 2016 , and things are a bit surreal.

In the last year and half, I’ve accomplished the following:

  • Served as a writer and editorial assistant for Cooking with Paula Deen and TeaTime magazine
  • Served as a contributing writer in my first book publication –Taking Tea
  • Published several magazine articles that include my name in the byline including an 8 page feature story

Dreams can happen with the right amount of grit and faith! Today, I’m the online editor of four major magazines (Cooking with Paula Deen, TeaTime, Victoria, and Southern Lady) and it all started with the 30 day Blog Like Crazy challenge! If you are thinking about participating, start writing now. You never know where this challenge might lead you!

Until the next post,